Alumni Association of Titchfield High

On behalf of the Titchfield Alumni Association (NY), I extend many, many thanks and sincere gratitude to all who attended our annual Jamaica Day Picnic on Saturday, August 3.

Special thanks to those friends and fellow alums (including the sister chapters) who helped with encouragement, time and labor, and with supplies.

 What a day it was!

Despite the constant drizzle and ominous dark clouds from morning through mid afternoon, and the looming possibility that the day would be a wash, the weather eased and revealed blue skies and white clouds.

Providence continued to favor us with a nice mix of low humidity, a light sea breeze, and bright sunshine, resulting in a nice afternoon.

 And a nice afternoon it was indeed as we enjoyed delicious food, displayed true camaraderie, swayed and tapped feet to the beautiful music, and played dominoes and bingo.

Congratulations to the bingo winners.

 I would like to acknowledge the presence of our dear "Secky", Mrs. Ruby Stamp.

It was a pleasure to have her among us, and we hope she had a grand time.

Well, folks, you have a full year to prepare for next year's bigger and better picnic.

In the meantime, rest assured that the Alumni Association appreciates your continued support as do the ultimate beneficiaries: the students of Titchfield.

 Again, thank you very much.



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